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Updates & Announcements
May 29, 2006: We will no longer be updating this Corrs fan site. Although we still love the Corrs, we just don't have the time to maintain a website good enough for such a great musical family. Thank you for visiting!

April 20, 2005: We're back! We're so sorry we went offline for so long. We were waiting for our old host to restore our site when it rebuilt its database, but it never did. Anyway, we're at a new free host, but it puts small banners at the top of our pages and also has rendered our MIDIplayer option useless on this site. We're currently exploring how to make the MIDIplayer available again.

We also hope to bring you more Corrs stuff soon. Things have gone down to a trickle after "Long Night" received some (but not much) airplay.

September 29, 2004: The song "Borrowed Heaven" has been enjoying some airtime in the Philippines. "Angel" has also had heavy rotation on the cable music channel MYX as part of its Daily Top Ten videos.

July 10, 2004: The Corrs official website has track-by-track commentaries for most of the songs from Borrowed Heaven, so give 'em a listen if you want to find out the inspiration and meaning behind these tracks.

July 9, 2004: The Corrs played at The Laureus World Sports Awards 2004, which aired tonight on Star World, a cable entertainment channel. Andrea, Sharon, and Jim performed "Summer Sunshine" and "Breathless" with a substitute drummer as Caroline has taken her maternity leave. We've got some screen captures of their performance.

July 4, 2004: Channel [V], a cable music video channel, has declared the Corrs as their Chosen One for July, so watch for special programs all this month. The Corrs are also MTV Asia's Artist of the Month. Check the MTV Asia website for air dates on The Corrs specials!

July 2, 2004: If you're a Corrs fan in the Philippines, watch out for the MYX special about them airing on July 22.

July 1, 2004: New layout for the site, as well as new Studio Shots and Covers. We also have new lyrics and a review of Borrowed Heaven in the Extra section.

June 2004: The Corrs' album Borrowed Heaven is in stores now, and their new single, "Summer Sunshine," has also hit the radio waves! Stand by for fresh images, lyrics, and extras during our update next month.

For more information on "What You Do", the song fans made for the Corrs, go to the official "What You Do" website. All the funds from purchasing the "What You Do" single over the Internet will be given for charity to the British Lung Foundation (the organization which takes care of people who are suffering from lung disease, of which Jean Corr, mother of the Corrs, died).

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