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About the Corrs
The Corrs hail from Dundalk, Ireland. Born of a musical family (parents Gerry and Jean were part of a local band called Sound Affair), the three sisters and one brother have all captured the world's ear with their mixture of Irish folk and modern pop music.

JimJimJim is the eldest of the four (he was born on July 31, 1964) and plays the guitar, keyboards, and occasionally donates back-up vocals. He is also responsible for producing some tracks on their recent albums. His full first name is James Steven Ignatius.

SharonSharonSharon, born March 24, 1970, learned to play the violin from a local priest. Her strong violin riffs add to their characteristic sound. She also sings back-up vocals. Her full first name is Sharon Helga.

CarolineCarolineCaroline was born on March 17, 1973. She learned to play drums when she was eighteen years old, and is also known to take a turn on the bodhran, a traditional Irish drum. She also plays piano and sings back-up vocals.

AndreaAndreaAndrea provides the powerful and soulful lead vocal in the group. Not to be outdone by her instrument-playing siblings, she also plays the tin whistle--the cheapest instrument she could find since she tends to lose things. Her full first name is Andrea Jane.